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Ring Size Guide

Measure, Determine, Check

Need to find a ring size? Print the Ring Sizer file by clicking HERE. Then choose from our three accurate measuring techniques.

For accuracy, do not print this page! Please print the Ring Sizer file using the printer icon and ensure it is printed at 100%.

Things to Consider When Determining Your Ring Size


Ring Type


The width of the ring will have an impact on the fit. For example, a wide ring is going to fit tighter than a slim band of the same size.




It is most important to consider your knuckle size when measuring your ring size using the String method.

Your finger size will change depending on the temperature. Your hands will shrink in cold weather and tend to get bigger in warmer weather. It is a good idea to measure your finger at the end of the day as it typically will be at its largest at this time. Also, it is important to note that both your hands are generally not the same size. The dominant hand is usually larger, therefore it is important to always measure the finger that the ring will be worn on.


Knuckle Size


It is very important to consider your knuckle size when measuring your finger, especially if using the string method. The base of your finger might be much smaller than your knuckle but always remember the ring must be able to go over the knuckle!

The String Method 


To measure the circumference of your finger, you will need the following items

  • a narrow strip of paper or a piece of string

  • a ruler

  • pen or marker

How to measure

  • Fold the strip of paper or string around the finger at the base where the ring will sit, making sure that it is fairly snug but also is able to go over the knuckle as your ring would.

  • Mark the area where the two ends meet

  • Use the ruler to measure the length and in millimetres to give you the circumference.

  • Using the ring chart above convert this measurement to your ring size. Please note many of our gold rings are made to order so if you are between sizes, we may be able to make this up for you.

The Paper Test

  • Print our paper ring sizer via the print icon above.

  • Cut along the dotted line marked "Find your size" to make a slit.

  • Slip the pointed end through the slit and place it around your finger.

  • MEASURE: Pull the pointed end so it slides to a snug fit.

  • DETERMINE: The arrow will point to your ring size.

  • Tip: Be careful not to wrap the paper too tight. Aim for a comfortable, snug fit.

  • Tip: For the most accuracy, have someone help you measure.

  • CHECK: Double-check for accuracy.

The Secret Test

  • Print our chart of ring size circles via the print icon above.

  • Find a ring that your loved one currently wears.

  • Make sure he or she wears that ring on the finger you are shopping for.

  • MEASURE: Place the ring on top of each circle until you find a perfect match.

  • DETERMINE: The match should perfectly fit the inside of the ring.

  • CHECK: Double-check for accuracy.