24k Gold Crystal Meteorite Ring

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Delve into Cosmic Elegance with Our 24k Gold Crystal Meteorite Ring

Embark on a celestial odyssey with our meticulously crafted 24k Gold Crystal Meteorite Ring. More than a mere accessory, this extraordinary masterpiece encapsulates the very essence of the universe.

Key Features:

Alluring Natural Elements:

  • Crafted from a captivating blend of T Rex Bone, Black Tourmaline, Lepidolite, Golden Meteorite, Ethiopian Black Opal, Gold Fire Opal, Peacock Ore, Rainbow Moonstone, Peridot Crystal, and Golden Pyrite.
  • Each layer is intricately constructed, creating optical complexity and a dynamic visual experience.

Cosmic Consciousness Design:

  • Purposely designed to elevate cosmic consciousness, fostering flashes of intuition and insight.
  • Boasts 10 layers of protective coating for enduring scratch resistance and a long-lasting glass-like finish.

Rare NWA 1500 Meteorite Slice:

  • Showcases an exceptionally rare Urelite Meteorite from Morocco, boasting a distinctive mineralogical composition.
  • Certified 100% genuine, each piece comes with a Certificate of Authentication, ensuring its uniqueness.

Dinosaur Galaxy Rings Collection:

  • Explore our diverse collection featuring 9 distinct dinosaur galaxy rings, each meticulously handcrafted.
  • Attention to detail guarantees that your chosen ring mirrors the images showcased.

Customization Options:

  • Personalize your ring with customizable options, including glow effect colour selection.
  • Choose from a range of international ring sizes, diverse band materials, and engraving options.

Reasons to Choose Our Handmade Rings:

  • Unique Artistry: Every piece is a unique work of art, handcrafted with precision and care.
  • Cosmic Connection: Our rings are designed to evoke a connection to the universe, stimulating consciousness and intuition.
  • Enduring Quality: 10 layers of protective coating ensure scratch resistance, guaranteeing a lasting and pristine finish.

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Elevate your cosmic style - Order Now and experience the allure of the universe in the palm of your hand.


Our rings utilize photoluminescent pigments that absorb light energy and emit a glowing effect in the dark. The phenomenon is triggered by visible, UV, or Infrared radiation, creating a non-radioactive process. Your ring will glow only when exposed to direct sunlight or UV light, provided by the ring.

Authenticity and Craftsmanship:

Handcrafted in the UK with unparalleled care, love, and attention to detail, it ensures a unique, genuine piece that differs in markings and tint due to the natural elements used. Each item is made to order, making it distinct and one-of-a-kind. Included with complimentary gift packaging, a lifetime warranty, UV light, and a Solid Oak Ring Box.

Order and Shipping Details:

All items are exclusively handcrafted to order by bespoke Space London, ensuring uniqueness and quality. Your order is processed within 24 hours, and we provide Email & SMS updates at each stage of the process, along with tracking links for your shipment. Enjoy Express Shipping, always FREE at bespoke space.

Ring Size Measurement and Secure Payment Options:

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