Atomic clock Fountain Pen

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Introducing the Atomic Clock Fountain Pen, a masterpiece of art and science that will take your writing experience to the next level. This premium writing instrument is exclusively available at BespokeSpace and is a true representation of the beauty of our universe.

Crafted with authentic celestial elements, this pen features a multi-layered design that encapsulates precious stones and crystals, including a rare NWA 1500 Meteorite slice. The ureilite meteorite is known for its unique mineralogical composition, high percentage of carbon in the form of graphite and nanodiamonds.

The Empress Galaxy Aurora and Galaxy Meteorite pens are a sight to behold, with their contrasting phosphorescent aurora tones that produce a multi-galactic and universal alluring effect. The Swarovski crystal detail on the clip and 14kt gold plated bands encircling each end and the center of the pen add an extra touch of elegance to this stunning masterpiece.

Choose between the fountain pen or rollerball pen kit versions, available individually or as a matched pair that offers great savings. The fountain pen features a high-quality gold and rhodium-plated nib that ensures a smooth and effortless writing experience.

Presented in a beautiful presentation box and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, the Atomic Clock Fountain Pen is a true work of art that combines science, art, and functionality. With a water-resistant design and a lifetime free repair warranty, this pen is built to last, making it an excellent investment for anyone who appreciates premium writing instruments. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this exquisite pen and add a touch of the universe to your writing experience.

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